I am ready for a website where do I start?  

To have your own website, We’ll need to cover a few details. You’ll need an Internet address, or as it is called a domain name, such as http://www.mydomain.com. This is your phone number on the Internet A Domain is how people will find your website on the Internet.

Your domain name should be short, simple, should be suggestive of your business category, unique, easy to interpret and pronounce, personalized, not be difficult to spell, not difficult to remember.

Once you have determined your domain name, you’ll need to purchase it and then build your website. You can build your website yourself as per your requirements. You can hire us to design your website. Finally, you’ll need a web hosting service to host your website online and allow people on the Internet to be able to view your new website.

  Why am I building this website?  
  • Are you building this site to generate a revenue from your website?

  • To share information about your hobby or business or

  • for your friends and family to keep in touch with blogs and photos

The reason for your website will influence the design, hosting costs, the website technologies required and for your website

  Will you Generate a Revenue with Website?  
  A site designed to take money from your website will require a design in a way for your visitor to pay, a shopping cart or an online store if you have a lot of items for them to purchase.  
  Will your Website be Built to Share Ideas or Information?  
  A website to share ideas may not require as much design structure as a website that sells products.  
  Will your Website be Built for Family and Friends?  

Family and friends websites would have a less formal feel. For this type of site you would also have to consider if your family and friends will be allowed to add content to your website.

  Where do I start? What do I need? What will I get?